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Bidets by 'Biffy' Improve Your Health & Lifestyle

You may be wondering what a bidet is and why you need one...A bidet is a bathroom fixture used especially for bathing the external genitals and the anal region. A bidet is the best solution for a personal hygienic cleansing. A bidet uses a gentle water spray to cleanse you, instead of having to use unsanitary toilet paper that spreads bacteria and can irritate certain health conditions.

We offer two types of bidets, attachable bidets and handheld bidet sprayers.  Both types of bidets are safe and easy to use for seniors, children, and the disabled and very helpful for caregivers. All of our bidet products are easily installed in the home, medical facilities, hotels, RV's and even boats!

The ‘Biffy’ Bidet is available in two different models:

Biffy Chrome Attachable Toilet Bidet

Buy one Chrome, get 50% off the second! Save $75.00!

  • Constructed of metal alloy and triple chrome plated
  • You control the spray nozzle positioning (front and back)
  • 8-stream spray nozzle w/ adjustable water pressure
  • Lab tested to remove 99.8% of bacteria
  • 15 day money back guarantee/ 1 year warranty

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Adding Warm Water is Easy…

Electric Bidet Warmer by Biffy

Simply connect an electric warmer or an ambient warmer to your bidet.

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Universal Bidet by Biffy

Buy one Universal, get 50% off the second. Save $49.95!

  • Constructed of durable polycarbonate
  • Controlable spray nozzle positioning (front and back)
  • 8-stream spray nozzle w/ adjustable water pressure
  • Laboratory tested to remove 99.8% of bacteria
  • 15 Day money back guarantee/ 1 year waranty

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     Buttler Bidet  

The BUTTLER Bidet...Function and Style at your Service.

The BUTTLER is our new bathroom accessory that combines the convenience of a handheld bidet sprayer and toilet paper stand into one beautifully designed bathroom décor accessory.

Buttler Bidet Handheld Sprayer Buttler Bidet Toilet Paper Holder

BUTTLER Features

  • Dual on & off valve
  • Polished stainless steel finish
  • Freestanding
  • Compatible w/ biffy warmers
  • Easy installation

Health Advantages of Using a Bidet

More than just convenience and comfort, the 'Biffy' Bidet provides many health benefits. Using a 'Biffy' bidet reduces the risk of urinary tract infections by rinsing away harmful bacteria, like E. coli, that normally contaminate the perineum (groin area). Hemorrhoids are hard to keep clean and can be made worse by rubbing with toilet paper or wet wipes. The 'Biffy' bidet rinses inflamed hemorrhoids clean in seconds, without contact, and helps them heal. Rashes and fungal infections are healed or even completely prevented by rinsing with the 'Biffy'. Disabled persons, arthritics and stroke victims use a 'Biffy' bidet to clean themselves and maintain their dignity. The 'Biffy' is a fountain of health!

 Benefits of Bidet Use

Seniors, Caregivers, Disabled and everyday people use bidets.

Who uses a 'Biffy' bidet? Bidets are used by many types of people throughout the world. Some use it for religious or cultural reasons, others use it for care-giving, and some people just like the fresh clean feeling only a Biffy Bidet can provide.

  • Seniors
  • Caregivers
  • Disabled
  • Children
  • Everyday people

 What customers are saying about the 'Biffy' Bidet…

"The Biffy universal far exceeds anything sold locally. In fact, the bidets sold in most DIY stores won't even fit under the seat properly, and the real bad thing is they don't sell the proper support hardware to make them fit. Just look at the display they have set up, and it is easy to see they don't fit.  The Biffy, however, fits perfectly using readily available seat spacers. Even without the spacers, it still would have worked, the interference with the seat was minimal. It  is very easy to install, literally minutes, and has lasted for years, i think i've had mine (the plastic universal) for at least 5 years. It just started leaking only when it is activated. I like this so much, i have programmed my body to only go when i get home. In fact, i'm considering getting the Squirt travel bidet, i hate toilet paper that much. I wish i could get everyone in my household on board with using it. Just an awesome bidet, worth every penny."  By David, Loxahatchee, FL June 6, 2013 

"Love my new biffy, it keeps my bottom spiffy!" By Tom, Thonotosassa, FL, June 4, 2013

About the American Biffy Company

Since 1998, the American Biffy Company has been the USA's #1 manufacturer of attachable toilet bidets & handheld bidet sprayers for homes, boats, recreational vehicles, healthcare facilities, and the hospitality industry. Our factory is located in Boulder City, NV. When you buy directly from The American Biffy Company you can feel confidant knowing that we stand behind our product and want your 'Biffy' bidet experience to be the best it can be for your health, hygiene and self-esteem. If you have questions, the Biffy family is here to answer all your personal questions in confidence.

We can be reached via live help on our website, email, and by phone at 1-877-4-A-BIFFY (M-F 8am - 5pm PST).

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please call 00-1-702-294-0055 or contact us here.