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 What makes the Biffy better than any bidet you can buy?

  • The Biffy is SIMPLE, clean and elegant. No buttons, dials or gimmicks. Just a single push on the handle does everything. It’s sanitary clear spray arm swings out to clean you when you want it - hides away when you don’t. And it cleans itself before and after each use! 
  • The Biffy cleans quickly and completely because it has 8 simultaneous bidet sprayers instead of 1 or 2 like regular bidets.  
  • The Biffy comes to you - wherever you aim it. You don’t have to scoot around trying to find the spray - it’s intuitive!      
  •  The Biffy is safe because it DOESN’T REQUIRE ELECTRICITY. It uses fresh clean tap water pressure for it’s gentle spray. 
  • The Biffy is designed and engineered to meet multiple US and international plumbing codes. Many regular bidets do not! 
  •  Extreme durability (it tested more than 250,000 actuations without failure). It is manufactured from zinc alloy (Chrome), or stainless steel and polycarbonate (Universal). It is pressure tested to more than 800 psi (16 times normal water pressure) without failure. 
  • Self-cleaning capability. The hideaway nozzle within its dedicated protective housing, pressure washes ITSELF before every use!   
  •  Triple Antisiphon protection even in the event of a catastrophe your water supply is safe! 
  •  The Biffy is far easier to install than regular bidets and can be removed in 5 minutes if you decide to move it to another toilet.  See the quick install video
  • The Biffy really works! Certified medical laboratory tested to remove 99.8% of bacteria. 
  • The Biffy PAYS FOR ITSELF! The toilet paper and water savings from Green products like the Biffy amount to hundreds of dollars a year for a family of four! 
The Biffy CHROME ($129.95) The Biffy UNIVERSAL ($99.95) Biffy Water Warmers