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The Biffy Personal Rinse System bidets are very easy to install on just about any short or elongated toilet bowl in your bathroom. Just follow the simple steps and in 10 - 15 minutes you'll enjoy the health and hygiene benefits of your new Biffy bidet. We encourage you to call or email us with absolutely any questions regarding bidet installation or Biffy use. Our professional staff will be more than happy to assist you. Bathroom hygiene has never been easier or felt better, we proudly guarantee it.


Watch how easy a Biffy install is...


 Tips to Assure your Biffy performs to the highest standards:

  1. We recommend that you install a rigid toilet seat. Cushioned or plastic toilet seats can impair the motion of the spray arm or cause damage.
  2. Always install the provided toilet seat bumpers and spacers to assure the Biffy arm has the proper clearance for free range of motion. 
  3. Don’t over-tighten your toilet seat screws.
  4. Never use the Biffy lever as an assistive support device.