Handheld Bidet Sprayers

Our Biffy™ hand held bidet sprayers come in many options. Our Biffy Bun Warmer combines our handheld bidet sprayer with an electric warmer and can be installed in under 10 minutes. Our Biffy Decor Bun Warmer, is the same great bidet, also including a decorative warmer cover matching the style of your toilet. Our Biffy Hand Sprayer Bidet Kit is the ONLY sprayer on the market with a backflow safety valve. Stop buying cheap bidets today, our screen filter keeps your bidet from leaking. Cleanliness is important to you, and our bidets are the cleanest on the market!

  • Introducing our *New* Biffy Buttler: handheld bidet sprayer, the Buttler combines the handheld sprayer, toilet paper and towel holder, while including a convenient PHONE or TABLET cradle. The Buttler is freestanding and can move for your convenience. You can add a Bun Warmer for warm water.

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