Some frequently asked questions about the Biffy


Q: Does the Biffy REALLY work?

A: Better than words can explain. We are positive your daily hygiene will definitely improve.


Q: Where is the Biffy Made?

A: The Biffy is 100% Made in America. Our factory is located in Boulder City, NV.


Q: Does the Biffy have warm water?

A: The Biffy can be attached to an electric warmer or an ambient (room temp.) warmer for your comfort.


Q: Does the nozzle touch me?

A: No, the spray arm rests under the rim of the toilet. When the handle is pulled for spraying, it comes out from under the rim but does not touch you.


Q: How long does the Biffy take to install?

A: The average installation takes about 15 minutes with no need for a plumber.  It’s as easy as 123. View the install video, click HERE.


Q: What if I have hard water or well water - can I still use the Biffy?

A: Yes, as long as there are no contaminates in your well water.


Q: Is the Biffy safe for children?

A: Yes, with proper education and supervision, your children will also love the Biffy.


Q: Will the Biffy ever run out of water during use?

A: The Biffy is connected to your water supply line.  As long as your water is turned on, it can never run out of water.


Q: Is it true I will save on TP?

A: According to Charmin, the average family of 4 spends almost $180.00 a year on toilet paper. If you’re cleaning with water all you have to do is dry – instead of wipe. Our customers have definitely noticed a reduction in toilet paper use.


Q: I’m a little overweight.  Will that interfere with the operation of my Biffy?

A: If you have a cushioned or plastic toilet seat, the motion of the spray arm may be impaired. You should consider purchasing a rigid toilet seat.   They are available at very reasonable prices and would solve any problem with the motion of the Biffy spray arm.


Q: I have an elongated toilet - will the Biffy fit my toilet?

A: The Biffy is designed to fit both standard and elongated toilets.


Q: What is the Biffy made out of, and is it durable?

A: The Biffy is made of stainless steel, brass, nylon, silicone and polycarbonate. The unit is extremely durable and, if used properly, will last a long time.


Q: Will the Biffy work in my motor home or boat?

A: Yes! We have attachment kits available for RVs and boats via special order. Email or call us anytime at 1-877-4-A-Biffy. 


Q: Isn’t it unhealthy to have a Biffy on a toilet many people use?

A: No! The Biffy is a very clean device. The Biffy has a built-in self-cleaning spray-arm that rinses itself thoroughly before and after each use.  This feature has been tested to national standards. The Biffy does not spread germs or bacteria, actually preventing disease.


Q: Does the Biffy come in different colors?

A: Customized colors are available for your Biffy.  Some colors include Almond, Black, Red, 
    Hunter Green, and Navy.  Email or call us anytime at 1-877-4-A-Biffy. 


Q: Does the BIFFY work on metric plumbing systems?

A: Yes, with a BSP (British Standard Plumbing) connector. We include this free of charge with any order shipping outside the USA. 


Q: Why is there a nickel on the bottom of my Biffy Chrome?

A: The Nickel symbolizes the Biffy is manufactured in the USA. Feel free to leave it or spend it.


More Questions? Email or call us anytime at 1-877-4-A-Biffy.