You Finally Broke Down and Purchased a Warm Water Bidet Attachment for Your Toilet


So, you finally broke down and purchased a warm water bidet attachment for your toilet and no longer flush all that toilet paper down the sewer. One benefit to owning a bidet is you rarely have to call the plumber because your toilet is clogged. Besides certain women’s products and the occasional floating goldfish, there are only a few things you should be flushing down your toilet. Here is a list of items that should never be flushed down your toilet, pass it along to other family members.

Moist towelettes and other types of bathroom wipes are first on our list of things not to flush down the toilet. Despite the fact these wipes are often marketed as safe to flush, you still should avoid doing so. It is these types of wipes that are clogging up and causing backups across our nation. Our advice, lose the wipes and buy a bidet.

Cotton balls as well as cotton swabs are a fixture in any bathroom and hold many uses. However, when you are done with that cotton ball or swab, avoid tossing it in the toilet and opt for the garbage can instead.

If you are doing some spring cleaning and discover outdated prescription pills, by all means do not flush them down the toilet. The toxic materials in those pills will surely contaminate downstream water supplies, possibly harming wildlife in the process.

When you gather enough courage to rip that band-aid from your healing wound, do us all a favor and throw it in your garbage. Tossing it in the toilet is bad for the environment, plus it’s just plain gross.

In addition to a bidet, keeping these items out of your sewer will benefit everybody in the long run.