You Can Use Toilet Paper Full of Toxic Chemicals or You Can Simply Install an Attachable Bidet in Your Bathroom

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Did you know that your toilet paper is toxic? You might be dismayed to discover that the very same product you use on the most intimate and sensitive parts of your body is potentially filled with BPA, the same chemical linked to liver disease, cancer and diabetes. Now, if this frightens you, you have two choices on the table. You can spend time and money discovering a brand of toilet paper manufactured without toxic chemicals or you can simply install an attachable bidet in your bathroom.

If you remain unconvinced and feel you would rather take your chances and continue using toilet paper, here are a few other facts for you to consider.

For a product that we use for less than three seconds, there are many ecological consequences. For example, more than 98 percent of all toilet paper sold in the United States comes from virgin wood. This means you really are killing a tree each time you use the restroom. You see, there is this myth that Americans tend to believe that recycled paper is low quality paper, and we demand only the best products be placed on our backsides. After all, using recycled toilet paper would be like wiping with cardboard. This, however, is a complete myth.

As it stands, as a nation, we consume vastly more paper than any other country. A fact that should shame us. If you need a reason to switch from toilet paper to a bidet, we just gave you two. Order yours today.