​Why do millions of people insist on using a bidet?

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Why do millions of people insist on using a bidet?

For thousands of years people all around the world have cleaned themselves with water. Early people lived in wandering groups and used natural water sources such as lakes, rivers, and streams for bathing. As these wanderers settled into agricultural communities they designated community toilet areas, often with buckets or urns of water available for cleansing. Towns grew into cities and cities began to offer running water and sewers. The modern bidet was finally born! Initially, bidets were freestanding toilet-like devices that bubbled water up from the base of the bowl to clean the user. As more and more homes got an actual flush toilet many bathrooms had two separate devices. Finally, as the convenience of a retrofit-able bidet device for existing flush toilets became available the modern attachable bidet - convenient and affordable - was born!

The purpose of a bidet is obvious; its primary function is to rinse our bottoms completely clean. Since it uses a gentle water spray to flush the users bottom there is no need to "wipe" or Rub our delicate underside with paper, leaves, Tree bark, or any other physical object. The improvement in comfort and convenience is immediately obvious to anyone who has ever tried both methods! Imagine you were raised using a Bidet and then someone gave you toilet paper and asked you to wad it up in your hand and rub yourself clean without water! You would probably be appalled! And so it is for the millions of bidet users who won't switch for anything!

Yes, a bidet can clean you better than anything else but there are several other great reasons to use a Bidet. Besides getting you clean, the actual process of cleaning your bottom is more hygienic since you don't have to reach into the bowl with thin sheets of toilet paper to try to rub yourself clean. And because you’re cleaner your underwear is cleaner too – no more embarrassing skid marks! Being really clean can make you more confident about your appearance and more comfortable with intimacy. Using a bidet is also very economical because an average family spends about $200 a year on toilet paper. After the first few months a bidet pays for itself over and over again.