Though Happening at a Slow Pace, the Attachable Bidets for Toilets is Finally Growing in Popularity

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Though it is happening at a rather slow pace, the attachable bidets for toilets is finally growing in popularity in the United States, and for very good reason. If anything, we are a nation of people overly obsessed with anything that has to do with hygiene, which is why it is such a mystery that bidets aren't a part of every American home. It remains a mystery as to why such an ineffective and abrasive way of cleaning yourself is still the most popular. Next time you are at the store wondering why the price of toilet paper is so high, take the following words into consideration.

attachable bidets for toilets

If you were to take all matter concerning a bidet into consideration, every American would own one.

As a matter of hygiene, the bidet is far superior to toilet paper. Never mind the fact you are using an abrasive substance on one of the more sensitive areas of your body, we are appalled that when utilizing toilet paper, you are essentially just rubbing things around. We apologize if that statement seems a bit too graphic. It is in the improper cleaning using toilet paper that lead to infections and discomfort. Mind you, if you haven’t experienced these conditions using TP, you are telling a fib.

Never mind the lack of hygiene toilet paper offers, let’s focus for a minute on the cost. Factor in the number of people in your family, multiply that by the amount of toilet paper each member uses and break that out over the course of a year. You will discover that you do indeed spend quite a bit of money on something you merely flush when your done with it. Heck, the savings in toilet paper alone will more than cover the cost of a bidet in no time.

Give your bum a break and buy a bidet.