The bidet: Fighting the battle against water consumption and paper waste!


This battle hasn’t quite raged since the beginning of time, but for past few hundred years the clash between Team Toilet Paper and Team Bidet has been going on, causing folks around the globe to pick a side.

The bidet has been around since the late 17 th century, thanks to a few clever French furniture makers. Interrupting the long-standing dominance that toilet paper had established since the late 1300s, the bidet swept across Europe and has reached across all of the ponds.

Although finding its mainstay in France for many years, the bidets popularity and relevance have been on the rise, showing up all over the world. Over the past decade, the movement towards creating better energy efficiency and less trash waste has been at the forefront, causing the world to take a much closer look on how to achieve those goals. When tackling the tough questions as to how to reach maximum green-ergy, its impossible to ask any of them without first having a conversation about the practicalities of the bidet.

Some concerns that surround the toilet paper v. bidet debate are the matter of water consumption. According to, the environmental advantages of bidet use heavily outweigh toilet paper:

“You might think a bidet would cause more water consumption, but you likely won’t have to ever flush twice due to large amounts of toilet paper, and if bidets were used more they would cut down on the amount of water needed for the process of creating toilet paper itself. Each year alone almost 470 billion gallons of water are used to create toilet paper.”

On top of the water conservation, the amount of paper waste is also greatly decreased.

“America uses approximately 26 billion rolls of toilet paper per year – about 23.6 rolls per person. Roughly 10 million trees have to be pulped to accommodate this much toilet paper. Bidets being the norm would greatly reduce these numbers. Even if everyone began using recycled toilet paper the amount of natural resources needed would be greatly reduced.”

Now the question of re-plumbing your bathroom to accommodate comes into question. Not to worry! Companies like Biffy have made a bidet attachment for toilets, allowing you to keep your bathroom just the way you like!

(source: To bidet or not to bidet? Our ablution habits have never been more sophisticated! – – July 25, 2014)