Perhaps it is Fine Time We Take a Different View of the Hand Held Bidet Sprayer


There are many who simply roll their eyes when they hear the word bidet, they think it is something reserved for wealthy and otherwise frivolous people who shudder at the thought of touching their own backsides. Perhaps it is fine time we take a different view of the hand held bidet sprayer. Indeed, they are truly wonderful devices that will change the way you feel about your bathroom time. Let us tell you more.

After handling raw meat or something else that poses a bacterial threat, you don’t simply grab a paper towel and wipe your hands. In fact, you probably head to the sink, crank on the hot water and scrub away for a few minutes. Don’t you think your backside deserves the same type of treatment?

Toilet paper is not an inexpensive commodity, just add up how much you spend a year on the stuff and you will be unpleasantly surprised. The money you save using a bidet is more than just mere pocket change. Stop flushing your money down the toilet.

You do what you can to minimize your carbon footprint. If this is what you believe, utilizing a bidet saves trees and gallons upon gallons of water.

If you have ever had to deal with a clogged toilet, you know it isn’t a pleasant experience. And calling a plumber to unclog your toilet costs a lot of money. Save money, time and the unpleasant task of snaking your toilet by limiting your use of toilet paper by utilizing a bidet.

We hope our little discussion here has opened your eyes to the benefits a bidet has to offer.