One Way to Ensure You Avoid an Embarrassing Rash is by Utilizing an Attachable Bidet for Your Toilet


Recent reports suggest that toilet paper can leave you with an irritating and uncomfortable rash in the most undesirable of places. And if you think the solution is in moist toilet wipes, then we have some bad news for you. Those moistened wipes are just as guilty of leaving a rash on your backside. One way to ensure you avoid this rather embarrassing predicament is by utilizing an attachable bidet for your toilet.

Reports from the Mayo Clinic have found several instances of moist toilet wipes causing dermatitis. The culprit in these cases was an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the wipes. The beauty of using a bidet is you clean yourself with water, pure, clean and fresh water. Because who really needs chemicals to keep your backside clean?

If you suffer from sensitive skin issues, a bidet will be your best buddy. For most people, toilet paper is safe, even if it isn’t the most ideal form of cleanliness. But it is important to realize that toilet paper, or its components, can be the cause of your dermatitis. You could switch brands, or even buy toilet paper sold as chemical free, but the smart choice here is to simply use a bidet.

If you have had recurring problems with irritated skin in the nether region, toilet paper or moist wipes could be to blame. All this time you may have just thought it was an ongoing problem you had to deal with. But there is no need to suffer when the solution to your itching and irritation is just a click away.

Go ahead, buy a bidet and leave the discomfort behind. Behind.