It Would be a Healthy Choice to Utilize a Warm Water Bidet Attachment

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You might be proud of the fact you have shrunk your carbon footprint because you switched to recycled toilet paper. But there are much better and healthier ways to reduce your carbon footprint. One fine example is by utilizing a warm water bidet attachment. That recycled toilet paper might be saving a tree or two, but it could be negatively affecting your health.

Toilet paper itself is saturated with all sorts of nasty chemicals, and recycled toilet paper is even worse. Recent studies published in Environmental Science and Technology have shown BPA as well as BPS found in many paper products, even the ones labeled BPA free. As you may not be aware, BPA is an endocrine disruptor that has been linked to cancer and early puberty. Studies have shown increased rates of metabolic disorders in adults with high levels of BPA in their systems. While it is impossible to know for sure the implications of rubbing this chemical on your backside will have, perhaps it is best to discover an alternative.

You might be surprised to find out that people from most parts of the world wonder why Americans use such an uncouth and unsanitary product. Let’s put this in a context you might find easier to understand. If your child comes home and says he accidentally touched dog poop, would you simply wipe his hands with a couple of squares of toilet paper? No, you would have his hands under warm, soapy water within two seconds. So dump the recycled toilet paper and buy a bidet.