​How can a bidet help prevent urinary tract infections?

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How can a bidet help prevent urinary tract infections?

Millions of people, especially women, get bladder infections every year. Usually a quick round of antibiotics can fix the problem but at inconvenience and expense for the patient. There is also the ever present risk of the infection becoming more serious, even life-threatening.

The vast majority of these infections are caused by a bacteria called E. coli. E. coli lives in the lower colon (bowel) of all of us. It's no surprise that some E. coli can contaminate the skin around the rectal area. Sometimes, especially in the presence of mild pelvic trauma such as sexual activity or bicycle riding, the bacteria gain access to the urethra, the tube that drains the bladder. Once inside the urethra it is a short swim to the bladder where it can cause infection.

We cannot eliminate the E. coli from our colon but we can drastically reduce the likelihood of E. coli contaminating the skin in the pelvic area. "Wiping" with toilet paper cannot remove all of the bacteria but actually spreads them around. On the other hand, rinsing our bottoms with water can remove more than 98% of the E. coli bacteria from the area. It's like the difference between "wiping" your dishes with a dry paper towel compared to rinsing them off under running faucet water. Eliminate the E. coli and you prevent the infection, all thanks to your bidet!