​Helpful Pro’s and Con’s For Buying an Attachable Bidet


We know that changing the way you clean your bum, can be an overwhelming decision. It makes sense, it is part of your livelihood, the way you’ve lived your life for years and years. But all decent things need to come to an end, so an even better, more efficient, new way of doing things can come in and take their place. But we understand your hesitation, and know that this can feel like a drastic change. As with any other big life decision, we know how important it is to be sure that the pros of the new process or item outweigh the cons. I mean who’s mom hasn’t said “well why don’t you make a pro’s and con’s list honey” at some point in their lives? If your mom never said it to you, that’s okay too, because the mom of biffy has definitely said it enough for everyone.

So, let us make your decision a little easier with a fairly comprehensive list of the pros and cons of purchasing a biffy attachable bidet.


  1. Improved health benefits!
  2. Elimination of the spread of bacteria on your body and in your home.
  3. Soothing and healing elements for hemorrhoids and irritations.
  4. Relief from effects of constipation and diarrhea.
  5. Independence for people who would normally require assistance “cleaning” themselves.
  6. Improved personal hygiene.
  7. You get to be a trendsetter for all your non-bidet using friends.
  8. You improve your eco friendly status, by cutting your home down on toilet paper use.
  9. It’s cost effective! No more bulk buying toilet paper.
  10. It’s luxurious. Let’s face it, having a bidet makes you a little bit more…”fancy.”


  1. Nope, there are none.

When you decided to get a biffy attachable bidet, you are essentially giving your private life an energy boost. Don’t cut yourself short of all the amazing benefits that a biffy attachable bidet can supply. Order yours today!