Attachable Bidets- The 21st Century Bum Cleaning Experience


A bidet may seem very 20th century- with the picture of the classic porcelain fountain toilet, with no seat, that wealthier Europeans used squat over after a visit to the lou. But that’s just not the same 21st century bidet that Biffy sells!

Biffy bidets are as modern, and up to date as a bidet could be! I mean let’s face it, standing up and moving to a second ‘toilet’ with your pants down, after you finish your business, just sounds like a little too much work. Especially when you put it up against simply reaching for the toilet paper and flushing it down! The makers of our Biffy bidets recognized this dilemma and chose to design something that even the simplicity of wiping with toilet paper couldn’t beat!

Biffy came out with the attachable bidet. That’s right attachable bidet. No, that doesn’t mean a big porcelain bowl that is attached to your toilet by a moveable seat so you can just slide from toilet to bidet (although that sounds pretty sweet). Essentially what it is, is a hose that can be easily attached to your toilets water supply and a spray nozzle that rests underneath the toilet seat. There is no special plumbing, no electricity required, just a simple adjustment of the hand, and you are on your way to a fresh, clean bum!

To get the bidet to spray your ‘gently used’ bum, all you need to do is lightly push back on the biffy lever that is positioned to the side of toilet seat. That’s it. All the sudden a smooth stream of well pressured and sanitized water will spray out of the rotating spray nozzle. Before you know it you’re clean! It simply, couldn’t be easier.