Anyone Who has ever Utilized an Attachable Bidet will Offer Testimony as to Why this is Such a Great Appliance

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Bidets are extensively used in most countries, but are very uncommon here in the United States. This is true, despite the obvious advantages that bidets have to offer. Bathroom discussions are a subject seemingly taboo and most will find humor in the idea of using a bidet. But anyone who has ever utilized an attachable bidet will offer testimony as to why this is such a great appliance. Though you may be wary of using something you are unfamiliar with, once you try it, you may never go back to toilet paper.

Let’s be quite frank about this; toilet paper leaves you rather unclean and residue remains on your body. Look, nobody said this conversation about bidets would be pretty. A bidet supplies water that removes all residue on your skin, leaving you feeling quite clean as well as refreshed. In fact, the benefits of a bidet are indeed numerous and using one will change your bathroom habits for the better.

You use an average of 57 pieces of toilet paper a each day. Do a little math and you will discover our nation uses nearly 4 million tons of toilet paper every year, a staggering number. As a nation, we collectively require over 50 million trees attempting to keep out backsides relatively clean. The use of a bidet will reduce the need for toilet paper and would be very advantageous for our environment.

Let’s consider cost for a moment. Toilet paper is not an inexpensive commodity, and a reduction in its use will save you a considerable amount of money over the course of a year, especially if you have a sizable family.

Check back with us soon and we will give you even more reasons to try a bidet.