A Warm Water Bidet Attachment Will Not Only Save You Money, You Will Feel Cleaner

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Since the beginning of time, we have discovered intriguing ways to clean up after ourselves after an act usually performed in the bathroom. For the most part, we would quite simply reach for the nearest item at hand, whether that would be a leaf, moss, hay, corn cob or a coconut. Thanks to technologies like the printing press, we would later upgrade to newspapers, book pages and magazines. The birth of the commercial products for this type of cleansing is really only about 150 years old.

warm water bidet attachment

The first products specifically designed and marketed solely to wipe your nether-region was in the mid nineteenth century. The birth of toilet paper was met with much skepticism. After all, why pay for this type of product when the Daily Times did a fine job. Due to the fact we were still rather embarrassed by bodily functions, getting people to buy toilet paper was an uphill battle.

But eventually toilet paper would win the battle, as well as the hearts, of Americans. But during the last few years, the supplies needed to produce toilet paper in addition to rising energy costs have forced manufacturers to raise prices. Wiping your bum has never been so expensive. But there is a solution.

As a nation, we spend in excess of 6 billion a year on toilet tissue. By switching to a warm water bidet attachment, not only will you save money, but you will feel cleaner because you are cleaner. The average American uses about 57 squares of toilet paper a day, that’s nearly 21,000 squares per year. That’s a generous amount of TP, and a big bill to boot. Stop with the nonsense and give your backside, and pocketbook, the breaks they deserve by installing a bidet in your bathroom.