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    'The Biffy' Brand Bidet   Other Brand Bidets
Superior Design & Mechanics
Non-Electric   Yes - No Electricity is required   Other brands will advertise "warm water" as a standard feature however when you receive the product you will discover electricity is required.
Upward Direction of Spray   This is the most important feature that 'The Biffy' offers due to our patented technology. 'The Biffy' directs spray from underneath you in an upward and out direction. Whether you are a male, female, big or small you can easily control the area you desire to cleanse and fecal matter will not be directed to the delicate frontal areas of your body.   No - Most other bidet brands incorporate a single fixed stream of spray that is directed from the back of the toilet bowl and therefore cannot reach every body type or size in the desired areas. You might say, it's more hit or miss and there is a likely chance that fecal matter will be directed at the frontal areas of your body.
Adjustable Spray Pattern   Yes - Because of 'The Biffy's' unique patented design the user directly controls the spray arm's gentle sweeping movement from front-to-back or back-to-front. It is the only attachable bidet on the market that gives the user total control of what areas are cleaned and a complete hygienic cleansing.   Most bidet brands only offer a single stream of spray from a fixed nozzle positioned in the back of the toilet.
Multiple Streams of Spray   Yes - 'The Biffy' nozzle has 8 streams of water spaced over a 2" wide nozzle to provide a wide spray pattern over all areas of your body.   Most other types of bidets only offer one or two spray streams.
Adjustable Pressure Spray   Yes - 'The Biffy'  offers a simple touch lever that controls the upward spray pressure.   Yes - Other bidet brands do have the capability via a dial to adjust the force of the single stream spray from back to front.
Self-cleaning Nozzle   Yes   No
Retractable Nozzle   Yes   Yes
Environmentally Friendly   Yes - Anytime toilet paper reduction can occur benefits our environment. Using 'The Biffy' will reduce your cost of toilet paper and save your plumbing from costly plug ups and overflows.   Maybe - With most other bidet toilet seat systems you only receive a small single stream of water and most likely you will need toilet paper to finish the job.
Easy Install   Yes - A plumber is not required! Installation only requires a screwdriver and wrench and can be completed by the average person in less than 10 minutes.View our easy install video here.   No - You will need to replace your toilet with a bracket and attempt to slide the unit onto the bracket. Once on the unit is difficult to take off for cleaning or if a move is necessary. The water supply line is difficult and may need cutting before attaching to the water supply for your toilet or even worse to your sink. This may require a plumber.
Easy to Operate   Yes - A simple one motion handle turns the bidet unit on and controls the spray pattern where you need it most, front or back. Spray pressure is easily controlled with a simple twist of a knob.   Depends (on the model) - but none are easier than the Biffy. Other models require the use and understanding of an electronic pad or remote and will need electricity to run, or the knobs and handles are difficult to understand and require more than one adjustment.
Compatible in Boats & RV's   Yes - 'The Biffy' has great benefits for the boater and RV'er! We offer an adapter just for this purpose. Let's lets just say "No toilet paper required = less flushing and therefore less pump outs". You will be the envy of your marina or RV park.   No - We have not seen an adapter yet…
Warm Water Available   Yes - We offer low-voltage electric and non-electric bidet water warmers that are easy additions to your 'Biffy' system. No plumber needed.   Yes- A direct source of electricity is required, or you will need to run a seperate hot water line from the device to either your sink hot water valve or to a hot water pipe seperately plumbed in your wall to your toilet. This may require a plumber.
Health Benefits of a Bidet
Beneficial to Feminine Hygiene   Yes - 'The Biffy' is perfect for feminine hygiene. The spray pattern is wide and comfortable with infinitely adjustable pressure and intuitively  “aimed” by its user. Low pressure for a quick external rinse, higher pressure for gentle douching   Yes - If you move around and lean forward so the water will spray the correct spot.
Beneficial to Hemorrhoid Sufferers   Yes - 'The Biffy' is the best way to clean and treat hemorrhoids. Its patented spray nozzle pattern cleans completely in one sweep. No paper, no rubbing with wipes. Just gentle cleansing. It actually helps HEAL hemorrhoids.   Yes - but not very effective
Beneficial to Persons of Disability   Yes - Disabled persons can have complete personal cleansing in seconds. No need to lift off the seat to “wipe”. ONE EASY PUSH on its handle does it all. The Biffy swings into position, turns on automatically, cleans its’ user, turns off and stows itself away. No buttons, knobs or dials – and no electricity! Dignity for both caregiver and patient.   Yes - But can be difficult to use depending on the disability. 
Service & Warranty
Money Back Guarantee   Yes - We offer a 15 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee   No
1 Yr Warranty   Yes   Yes
Quality Control   Yes - We hand test every unit prior to shipment.   No - They are all made overseas and then simply resold to you. See the next comparison.
Made in the USA   Yes - We are a family run manufacturing company based right here in Boulder City, NV, USA! We stand behind our product and value a great customer service experience.   No - If you have been shopping for an attachable bidet, you will most likely find out that there are seemingly good deals out there, but most are made in China and are simply re-branded by online re-sellers.