The Best Bidet Attachment and For Only $99

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Right now, American Biffy Company is running a promotion that can have you installing a new incredible bidet attachment in your bathroom for under $100. With our classic Biffy Bidet Attachment you are sure to get everything you could ever want out of your bathroom experience once and for all. This amazing product is made with hygienic housing and a self cleaning spray nozzle so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. The Biffy Bidet Attachment is also made with poly-carbonate in order to ensure that it is durable, long-lasting and will never rust. Along with these great features, this attachment has an adjustable spray pressure, will work with any toilet type and a discreet appearance. You also get a one year warranty and a 15 day satisfaction money back guarantee, so that you know when you are buying with Biffy, you’re buying secure!

With easier installation and easy to use instructions, you can change everything you once thought about being clean after using the restroom. The Biffy Bidet Attachment is lab certified to remove 99.8% of bacteria as opposed to toilet paper that leaves a trail of germs behind.

If you have been considering buying a bidet but just haven’t been able to make the leap, now is the time! Not only will this great deal save you money but you will wonder how you ever lived without your bidet attachment. Check out the Biffy Attachable Bidet today or look into some of our other amazing products if you have something else in mind for your toilet. American Biffy Company is here to improve your day to day, we just need you to trust us: bidets are the way to go!