Attachable bidets may be the key to an affordable, efficient bathroom remodel

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Most homeowners these days mainly focus on two ideas to enhance the look of their homes. Sometimes these improvements are simply cosmetic whereas others may go with an expensive remodel with additions and various expensive and luxurious items. Although the economy is experiencing a slight “bounce-back,” homeowners can still use all the help they can get in the cost-saving department.

According to a survey of one popular remodeling magazine, the average cost of bathroom remodel throughout the country is around $16,000. Most of the time, the most common bathroom fixes include new pedestal sinks, medicine cabinets and other various fixtures. A lot of the time homeowners will go with the option to replace their tub or shower surround and keep the existing tub or shower pan in place to decrease the overall cost of a project. There are many other places in your bathroom that can apply that same cost-saving technique.

Most people love to have a bathroom that looks good and functions well. For this reason, people spend a surprising amount on its renovation, but it’s always considered a good idea to plan a budget before investing to help minimalize the costs. Let’s say you’re interested in installing a bidet. Did you know that you could buy a Biffy bidet attachment for a toilet? Doing this will save you a ton of money and save you from the costs associated with re-plumbing your entire bathroom for new fixtures. Buying a stand-alone bidet can cost upwards of $1,000 or more, not to mention the money it will take to accommodate the extra build-out space.

When thinking of any sort of remodel job, be it a bathroom or otherwise, it’s always a great idea to only replace what really needs to be replaced. There’s a wonderful world of attachable bathroom innovations out there that are designed with the specific goal of saving you time and money. And a company such as Biffy is one of them. Consolidation is the key to affordability and efficiency when it comes to any remodel project. Keeping that in mind will help you better plan out your next remodel.

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