Stop Using Baby Wipes and Start Using A Bidet

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Some people find toilet paper to be not gentle enough and therefore resort to keeping baby wipes in their bathrooms. Many consider these flushable wipes to leave them with a cleaner posterior but the amount of damage baby wipes do to your bank account and the environment may not be worth you being completely clean, at least when there is a better alternative.

Did you know that flushable wipes are clogging up sewer pipes and sewer treatment plant equipment all over the country while also costing taxpayers tons of money? American Biffy Company’s attachable bidets are environmentally friendly and do not cause any problems for the sewer system and only requires a one time purchase. These bidets are affordable and for the price of one of our top of the line bidets, you would only be able to buy approximately 2-3 months worth of flushable wipes. It just isn’t practical not to invest in a bidet!

We know that as an adult cleanliness is a large priority in your life, so why settle for anything less than the best? Make the environment a priority in your life too and kill two birds with one stone. You will never regret investing in an attachable bidet from American Biffy Company!

Not sure which bidet will be best for you? Don’t worry! American Biffy Company would love to help you pick out the perfect addition for your bathroom. We are the bidet experts so let us share our expertise with you so that you can be as satisfied as possible!