Start the Year Right with a Biffy Attachable Bidet

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January is the time of year when people take stock of what they are good at and what they perhaps could improve about themselves and about their lives in general. This year when you are practicing your resolutions you may want to consider purchasing a bidet. What do those two things have in common? Good question. You can actually satisfy several resolutions at once when you install an attachable bidet in one or more bathrooms in your home. So let’s talk about what those may be.

Resolution #1 - Take better care of yourself.
If we haven’t said it before then we will say it again “using a bidet is far more healthy than cleansing yourself with toilet paper”. Instead of simply spreading bacteria with disposable paper products you can eliminate the germs entirely when you use your attachable bidet.

Resolution #2 - Be more green.
Once your attachable bidet is installed you will no longer have to spend money on toilet paper. What does that mean? Well, every time you use the restroom you will not be contributing to all the trees being cut down to make a product that is used once and then disposed of.

Resolution #3 - Save more money.
Every person wants to save more money all the time. After all, it seems to disappear as soon as it arrives in our bank account. Buy a bidet will help you do this as you will not longer be buying toilet paper, something that may not seem to cost you a ton, but in the long run tends to get expensive(especially if you have kids in your home).

Take better care of your body, your family, the earth and your bank account all my adding one simple item to your bathroom. This will be the easiest resolutions you’ve completed in years and it will all be thanks to an attachable bidet finely crafted by American Biffy Company.