Let’s Stop Acting Like Bidets Are A Foreign Concept

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If you have just returned from a trip overseas then chances are you used a bidet, or at least saw them in the majority of foreign restrooms you stepped in. If you haven’t been overseas then you may not know that bidets are very common in countries all over the world including France England, Spain, Saudi Arabia, India, Korea, Argentina and the list goes on.

Even in places like New York City the bidet is becoming more and more popular. However, why is it that Americans have taken so long to adopt this widespread custom? Well it may be a couple of things. First off, in America we are taught from the time we are out of diapers that we are to use toilet paper to clean ourselves. Secondly, Americans can tend to be a bit shy when it comes to discussing bathroom business. It’s something we don’t talk about and we like to keep it as private as possible.

However, the fact of the matter is people are talking about it everywhere else. And do you know what they are talking about? They are talking about how much more effective, healthy and better for the environment using a bidet is.

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