​Don’t Cheat Yourself Out Of Comfort

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So, we’ve convinced you into purchasing a bidet, for all its wonderful health and lifestyle benefits. You’ve made the purchase, installed the attachable bidet and come to find out that yes, fresh toilet water can at times be a little chilly. We hope you don’t feel deceived, like our Biffy attachable bidet has cheated you out of a warm and clean bottom, because that’s just not true!

The original Biffy bidet is made to give you all the simplicity and ease possible, while still providing you the rejuvenating effects of using a bidet. The Biffy bidet is made to be functional without any additional power sources making it a quick and easy install. But with simplicity and ease, comes one downfall, non-temperature controlled water. But don’t worry! If a room temperature cleaning isn’t quiet your speed, we have the perfect solution for you- warm water bidet attachments.

With just a simple attachment, your slightly stunning bidet spray, turns into a warm, soothing, comfortable wash. This option of course gets a little trickier to install, but has all the same simplicity that you loved with the original Biffy bidet. The warmer is designed to heat your water to a high of 101 degrees with the help of low-voltage electricity and two built in thermostats. The tank itself attaches to your toilets water supply, then to the Biffy bidet you have already installed. It also needs to be plugged into an outlet via a 10 foot low- voltage cord, which is made to perfectly suit any bathroom set up.

With the idea of enhancing your bidet experience in mind, how could you not want to purchase a warm water bidet attachment? Yeah, we couldn’t think of any reasons either.Buy yours here!