Bidets and The Elderly

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Bidets are a great investment no matter how old you are. However, there are some specific reasons that bidets are a great choice for those who have more life experience than others. Although, not necessarily something that the older generations are totally familiar with, a bidet will be more than enjoyed by your elderly family members. Below are just a few perks older individuals will find in their Biffy attachable bidet.

Let’s face it, the older we get the more difficult is begins to be to get around. The beauty of the bidet? Once you are in the seating position you don’t have to worry about getting up until the entire process is over. Isn’t it such a pain when you realize after you’ve already taken a seat that there is no toilet paper? Never worry about it again with your attachable bidet.

No Toilet Paper
As we mentioned above, toilet paper will become completely irrelevant to you when you own a Biffy bidet. Not only will clean up after using the restroom be easy but you will save a ton of money on this disposable and environmentally damaging product.

Overall Cleanliness
Mobility is also an issue for the elderly as far as being able to do a thorough job when cleaning up after using the restroom. However, the Bidet will reach those spots that seems almost impossible to get to. Overall health is also improved when you can clean yourself more completely.

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