3 Reasons You Need An Attachable Bidet

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So you’ve been thinking of buying a bidet. Unfortunately, you are still on fence trying to decide whether or not you really “need” one or if there really are as many benefits to owning one as people say. First off, we want to say yes. Yes, you DO need one. And YES, they do come with a myriad of benefits. However, we can give you three good reasons to purchase a bidet today and you won’t be second guessing your choice ever again.

So, why do you need an attachable bidet from American Biffy?

  1. It beats out toilet paper every time
    Not only could you cut out the extra cost of buying absurd amounts of toilet paper that seems to just get up and walk out of your house every week(Really, where does it all go?) but you can also save something else: the environment. BIdets are much more environmentally friendly as they do not require you to flush the toilet each time you use the toilet.
  2. Bidets can better your health
    For those who suffer from hemorrhoids, bidets are ideal. Never again will you have to fear the dreaded toilet paper but instead you will look forward to the soothing water and the pain of your hemorrhoids will no longer be an issue.
  3. Your bathroom will be more luxurious than ever
    Think about it: Everyone you know has a toilet, a sink, a shower, but does anyone have a bidet. Attachable bidets can add class to even the tiniest of bathrooms in your home. And considering how relaxing they can be, your complaints about your tiny restroom will be a thing of the past.

So, have we convinced you yet. You truly can’t understand how wonderful these products are until you have your own personal one. However, American Biffy Company guarantees your satisfaction when it comes to our bidets. Stop hesitating and treat yourself by buying a bidet for your home!