Your First Time Alone With Your Bidet

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Have you been putting off buying a bidet just because you are nervous about whether or not you will like it once you invest? Well believe it or not, every person who is currently lucky enough to have a bidet in their home, had their own very first experience with a bidet as well. We won’t lie to you. The sensation of cleaning yourself with water is much different from the sensation that toilet paper gives you. In fact, many people are quite surprised at the feeling they get when they use their bidet for the first time, but that’s part of the fun.

The younger generation especially has had very minimal exposure to bidets and American Biffy, along with other bidet companies are working towards changing that. By increasing the familiarity of bidets we can become a much more environmentally friendly population as well as just healthier.

As an experiment, the innovative people at Buzzfeed conducted an experiment to see how people would react to their first bidet experience. The main purpose was to 1) see if bidets were preferred by these people to toilet paper and 2) to give an uneducated group a better idea of what exactly bidets have to offer. In the video below you can see a handful of younger people react to their first time using a bidet.

Stop putting off buying your bidet and invest in a bidet attachment from American Biffy Company today. You will be shocked at the difference it can make in your day to day life.