Bidet Myths & Misconceptions

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Due to the infrequent use of bidets in America, there are many misconceptions that surround this product that is essentially used everywhere else in the world. In order to reassure you that your consideration of buying an attachable bidet is in fact a good idea, we thought we would debunk some of the common myths associated with bidets.

  1. Attachable Bidets Are Expensive
    This misconception can be contradicted by simply visiting our website. American Biffy bidets are affordable to say the least. In fact, you can currently order a Classic Biffy Attachment with a one year warranty for under $100!
  2. Bidets Are Hard To Install
    If you were to order an attachable bidet you would find this to be untrue in approximately 15 minutes. Why? Because that’s how long they take to install. With easy to follow directions and minimal components, you can be using your new bidet almost immediately after it arrives at your home.
  3. Bidets Are Permanent Bathroom Additions
    Just as easily as an attachable bidet can be installed, it can be removed. So whether you are moving to a new home, or you simply can’t understand what the hype is about after installation(unlikely as that may be) you can remove your bidet from your toilet in no time.

If you have been holding back from buying a bidet attachment because of reasons like this, it’s time to take the leap. Honestly, what do you have to lose? Along with your warranty, American Biffy Company gives you a 15 day satisfaction guarantee trial period so if you decide you want to go back to toilet paper you won’t lose any money and at least you can say you tried!