About Us

The Start of the 'Biffy'

"A Biffy?"  Many people ask how and why we came up with such a different product and name.  Well, the story begins with a doctor trying to improve the quality of cleanliness for a patient.  A young boy who was born with congenital Phycomelia, a condition which means he has no arms below the elbows, had a difficult time cleaning himself.  Dr. Smith, started thinking of ways that he could help this boy clean himself after using the restroom, and the 'Biffy' was born.  After developing the bidet attachment device, he realized that this was not only good for the disabled but for everyone – we all want and need to be clean.

The next step was to name this new invention and that idea came from one of Dr. Smith’s patients as well.  A British woman excused herself one day to go and use the biffy.  "What is a biffy?" Dr. Smith wondered.  The patient explained that in England, that is one of the names they use for the bathroom.  Dr. Smith liked the name so much and thought it was so unique that he decided that would be the name of his new invention.

The original 'Biffy' was a rough version of the sleek 'Biffy' we offer today.  It helped out the original patient as was intended as well as started us on the track to where we are today.  The 'Biffy' has seen many design changes and mechanical improvements, and from the beginning, we cannot tell you how many people have told us “I love my Biffy!”


American Biffy Company Today

We have been in business since 1998. American Biffy Co. takes great pride in being able to help increase the comfort of people with our innovative bidet design and our latest bidet attachment products. We are a small family run company located in Boulder City, NV which is located just outside of Las Vegas. All of our products are hand-made and tested in our factory.


The Brain Behind the Biffy Bidet

We want to tell you a little bit about the person who invented a product who has changed the lives of thousands. Dr. Warren L. Smith is one of the founders of Family Doctors of Boulder City, where he has remained in practice since 1980. He graduated from the University of Arizona School of Medicine, after which he served his residency at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Smith has been certified as a family physician by the American Board of Family Practice since 1980.

Though he maintains his practice in Boulder City, Nevada, he is also licensed to practice medicine in Utah, California, and Arizona. Dr. Smith was also recognized as the Nevada Family Physician of the Year in 1986. He is trained and certified to perform many in-office surgical procedures, including vasectomies. He is one of Nevada’s foremost doctors in performing colonoscopies and EGDs. So, as you can see, the invention of the 'Biffy' bidet attachment is just one more way Dr. Smith has found to change people’s lives for the better.